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Beach Tennis Racket

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Beach Tennis Racket

TianChang Zhengmu Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd located in Tianchang City, known as "East Gate of Anhui Province", east of the ancient city Yangzhou, south of the ancient capital Nanjing, convenient transportation, is a professional manufacturer engaged in sports goods research and development, production and sales. The company founded in 2010, covers an area of 23 acres and the number of employees is over 280. At the beginning, the company was focusing on the production of baseball bats, softball bats, baseball, softball and other major products. The company has been committed to studying the domestic and international market demand, it also added the production of basketball, football/soccer, volleyball, American football/rugby, handball and all types of kits such as Bocce Sets, Pickleball Sets, Tetherball Sets, Cornhole Board Sets, Croquet Sets, Badminton Sets, Volleyball Sets, Badminton/Volleyball Combo Sets, Horseshoes Sets and Giant Tumbling Blocks Sets, etc in 2019.


The company is integrated of research, development, production and sales and has the exquisite research and development personnel. At present, all our products are mainly sold to the domestic market, the Asian market such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the North American market such as United States, Canada and the European market such as Germany, France. 


The company has the most advanced technology and the latest equipment to produce products. The company implements the most stringent quality management system to control the quality of products, to ensure that every customer receives high quality products. The company has a professional sales team, with intentions of service, timely communication to meet the needs of different customers. 


The service philosophy of the company is Best in Quality, Competitive Price, Timely Delivery, Efficient Service.

TianChang Zhengmu Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd located in Tianchang City, known as "East Gate of Anhui Province", east of the ancient city Yangzhou, south of the ancient capital Nanjing......

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