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Introduction to Beach Tennis Racket

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Introduction to Beach Tennis Racket

Beach tennis, the world's hottest emerging sport, combines the fun and social aspects of volleyball with the fast pace of tennis. Beach tennis will make you experience unimaginable passion and fashion. Although the main field of beach tennis is on the beach, it can also be played in any season and field, such as sand, grass, hardwood, etc., and even snow. Compared with tennis, it is very easy to learn, and beginners can play continuously for a long time within a few minutes of stepping on the court or playing for the first time. A must for beach tennis is the Beach Tennis Racket. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the Beach Tennis Racket.

Here is the content list:

Difference between the beach tennis racket and a traditional tennis.

Advice for Beach Tennis Racket Beginners.

Difference between the beach tennis racket and a traditional tennis.

The beach tennis racket is similar to a traditional tennis racket, but with a few key differences. The most obvious difference is that the beach tennis racket is shorter than a traditional tennis racket. This is because the lower net and the sand surface make it difficult to hit high shots. A shorter racket allows players to better control their shots and keep the ball low to the ground.

Another difference between the beach tennis racket and a traditional tennis racket is the weight. Beach tennis rackets are generally lighter than traditional tennis rackets. This is because the sand surface requires more effort to move around on, and a lighter racket helps players conserve their energy.

Advice for Beach Tennis Racket Beginners.

Please try not to use or buy aluminum or wooden rackets. Most of the aluminum and wooden rackets have become antiques now, but aluminum rackets are still available in the market and the price is very low. However, because the racket is heavy and has poor elasticity and shock absorption, it is recommended not to buy it as much as possible to avoid some inconveniences. Necessary sports injuries. At present, the mainstream Beach Tennis Racket is mainly carbon fiber. Composite materials, the racket is light and has a good shock absorption effect, and it is less likely to cause sports injuries. There are also low-priced rackets, but generally speaking, they are still more expensive than aluminum rackets. For beginners, the purchase of a Beach Tennis Racket generally considers learning factors and price factors. To make it less likely for beginners to be injured when practicing, most of them recommend some good rackets, that is, the racket is lighter, the hitting area is larger, it is easier to get started, and the power is greater.

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